We are happy to announce the release of our brand new high performance marketplace – XCDE – designed to open FX market to everyone and to make it transparent to all. EMM is the first “market segment” of the marketplace and stands for “Everyone can be Market Maker”.

XCDE.Net leverages on the robust technology and extensive market knowledge and experience of BAXTER-FX team. We have worked hard over a number of years to build the marketplace that is fully open and transparent; we want all users of XCDE.Net to be equal and the rules of it to be clear and transparent to all. We have spared no efforts to make trading on XDCE.Net simple and straightforward; on-line documentation, self-service FIX certification, automated legal on-boarding to mention a few.

We would love you to join our community and shape the future of our XCDE starting with voting for the next feature to be implemented. We believe in agility and strive to listen to the market needs so please make yourself to be heard – we are listening… :)