About XCDE

XCDE is a high performance Electronic Marketplace, running multiple “market segments” across various trading models in Foreign Exchange and Digital Assets. Its purpose is to operate a number of trading models and introduce new ones from time to time, as required by the market, to suit the institutional Users community.

The “XCDE” four letter code is the official ISO-10383 market identification (MIC) used in the FIX MarketID(1301) tag that identifies this Marketplace.

REPO/Lend is XCDE’s newest market segment, representing a departure from the mortally wounded Crypto lending market. It is a fully Cleared* platform that allows every user to send Orders (FIX message type ‘AB’) to provide or take Liquidity - lend or borrow Crypto/Fiat - intra-day or up to two weeks. The result is a unique utility that maintains a transparent and safe environment for a wide range of market participant motivated by different interests: yield capture, margin financing, market making.

Open Technology

XCDE’s technology leverages the most advanced Open Source projects available to respond to market needs with agility and efficiency. All systems are built and supported with proven solutions, focusing on reliability and performance.
XCDE’s Comp_STP solution is a versatile, adaptive framework that can fit virtually any format and protocol requirement to feed separately operations hosts for separate reconciliations when necessary.

Exchange-Type Trading

XCDE orderbooks are live, unconditionally tradeable Exchange-type matching hosts.
Working Orders are matched against the best Bid/Offer available in real time (Time-Price priority). Users can access the Marketplaces generally via FIX Gateway, Web Interface or REST/Websocket over SSL and open Internet plus a choice of the best transaction network services providers.

Network Connectivity

The current system supports TCP/IP connections with SSL security. The use of an X-Connect solution with our Data Center is recommended for lowest latencies.
Enhanced Internet access is facilitated by links to multiple “Internet Exchange" points.

For more information please ask us about Network Connectivity options.