EMM stands for “Everyone is a Market Maker”. The idea that you can be both the Market Maker and Market Taker.

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Yes! And that, is one of the most so exciting EMM features!

We have great relations with all the major connectivity providers (such as, but not limited to: TSN, Colt, Radianz, BT, Packet Exchange.

MM/XCDE accepts Market orders, Limit orders, and Stop Market Orders. For Market and Limit orders, we support Day, GTC, IOC and GTD, for Stop Orders we support Day, GTD and GTC.

EMM can accept sessions with FIX 4.2, FIX 4.4 and FIX 5.0 over FIXT 1.1.

You can access FIX Specifications by going to our FIX Specifications Page.

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EMM technology has been developed by Baxter-FX. For more information on the company please visit Baxter-FX official website.

All the information regarding ISV connectivity option can be found on our ISV Connection Details page.

If you’re interested in EMM and would like to obtain a Demo Account, please send us your details at info@xcde.net with your request. We will follow up with you as soon as possible and make sure you are professionally taken care of.

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We offer over 70 different currency pairs.

If your question is still unanswered, you can reach us using the contact form that can be found here.

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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XCDE.Net Community FAQs

More detailed information on XCDE.Net can be found here: About XCDE.Net.

The idea behind XCDE.Net is to facilitate information and knowledge exchange on the FX Market, as well as, help improve the EMM platform.

You can join the community by going to the register page and providing your basic login information.

No, you don’t have to register to access the XCDE.Net community content. Our content community content is available for everyone. But if you want to participate in the discussion you must register with XCDE.Net.

In order to protect the privacy of our users we require them to choose their nicknames which are used throughout the site.

No – your account is accessible from any computer you use. We advise you to protect your account details (username and password) and not share it with anyone else. Also remember to logout from your session if you are using a public computer.

After signing up an account is automatically set up for you with basic details you provided during the registration process. You can update your account with more detailed information in your profile page (click “Edit Profile” link on top of the page).

Use password recovery page that can be found here. An email will be sent to you with new login details. Follow the steps described in the email to successfully reset your password.

You can change your password on your “Settings” page under your profile settings.

No, you can only have one profile on XCDE.Net.

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No, the only information that is visible to other members of the community is your Nickname.

Once you register, you will have a default avatar assigned to your profile. To distinguish yourself from other users of the forum it is good to upload an avatar of your choice. You can do this by going to “Profile -> Change avatar” option in your user profile.

You can become friends with other members of the forum to track your status updates and send messages which allow for quick communication and knowledge exchange.  To request someone as a friend go to their profile page (find them on “Members” page or click on their Nickname from any of their posts in the forum).

To remove other users from your friend list, go to “Friends” page on your profile page.

You earn rank points by participating in the community area of XCDE.Net. Although, creating a new topic will not earn you points, participating in the discussion (commenting and replying) will.

If found inappropriate, your avatar will be deleted and changed to default one. By inappropriate, we mean one containing content abusive or offending by the general public, or containing  pornographic content.

Your posts will be moderated only if containing content that is offensive towards other members of the forum, or is considered SPAM and contains links to websites

If your blog or website provide any additional and valuable  information on the topic that’s being discussed then you are free to link it during the discussion as reference. Currently XCDE.Net does not allow adding this kind of information to your profile page. If you believe we should do so, please let us know.

To start a new topic e.g in the FIX CERTIFICATION forum, use the form below all currently open topics. Enter title and content of your topic (optionally, you can add appropriate tags that will allow for better discovery through forum search) and press “Submit” button.

Your forum post has been removed if it contained any of the following:

  • spam
  • 3rd party promotions
  • affiliate links
  • other companies’ advertising
  • abusive language
  • racially inappropriate content

If you want to report a user for spamming or posting inappropriate content on XCDE.Net forum send us an email with their profile page url. How to find the correct url? Go to their profile page and copy the address, e.g. http://www.xcde.net/members/test/. If you want to  report specific forum post, send us the forum and topic url that should contain that posts unique ID.

You can see this ID displayed on the right hand side of every post. If you click on it, the url in browser will be automatically changed to contain that unique ID, e.g. http://www.xcde.net/topic/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet/#post-246

Under Construction

Yes, but no private information is passed on. Only your topics and comments are indexed (general community activity) as we want the knowledge to be accessible to everyone interested in Forex community.

The site is developed by Compactive.

The idea of XCDE.Net is to facilitate knowledge sharing for those experienced in the Forex community, as well as those that only recently started trading. Open source solutions are based on same principal of information freedom and accessibility.

If your question is still unanswered, you can reach us using the contact form that can be found here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.