The XCDE AIR Trading GUI is aAdobe AIR ® trading application which avails of all trading functionality on and can be run on Windows ®, Mac OS ® and Linux. Updates to the AIR Interface will be automatically checked every time you open the Interface, ensuring the latest version is used.

Operating requirements

  • Adobe AIR ©
  • For the best Market Data speeds, UDP connectivity is advised. Please refer to the User Guide in the “Documents and Downloads” section or contact your network team.

You can download the client here and you can access to your demo accout after registration. You will find a full guide in the “Documents and Downloads” that will explain how to work with the application.

Some highlights and general information

The Log on Screen

The Log on Screen, a clean, simple and intuitive interface.

Main screen

Once logged in, users are presented with the main screen buttons. The interface will your daily limits and allows you to change your password.

The Markets Screen

The Market screen displays the current liquidity in the system from which users can click on a product to open the Trading screen to trade.

It displays the best Bid and Ask price for all currencies with the available quantity. The time column displays the timestamp of the most recent price update for any given currency. High and Low informs you what the highest Bid and lowest Ask price are during the current trading day.

The Trading Screen

This screen shows the liquidity and the full depth of the market (Full Book). By default the depth of the market is set on the best limit for each price but you can also choose the accumulated volume or the average price. On the left hand side the High bid and Low offer informs you what the highest Bid and the lowers Ask price are on the current trading day with the time stamp of the last change.

The Ticket Screen allows users to instantly set and send in orders. Users have the possibility to configure the AIR Interface for ‘single-click’ trading, more on this in the User Guide.

Historical Trade Screen

The Trade History Screen allows you to query your trade history. User can go up to months back, which is a great way to audit your trade history.

Contact / Support

If you have any questions, feedback or need any support, please call us on +353 (1) 531 43 34 or mail us on or