The XCDE FIX 5.0 Trading client is a Java based trading application which avails of all FIX functionality on It allows the user to start trading immediately, without a need for following our FIX certification process.

Next to the regular Orders (35=D) you would normally send to any ECN, it also allows you to be a market maker by sending in Quotes which will be shown in the Market Data stream via our EMM (Everybody can be a Market Maker) model.

Operating requirements

  • Oracle JRE 1.6 and up
  • Having a fully NTP synchronized PC is advisable
  • Write access to the log directory
  • The client installer is built for Windows, however scripts can be adjusted to run it on Linux systems as well. Please contact us if you need any assistance.
  • Network connectivity to the FIX gateways, contact your network team

You can download the client after registering here in the “Documents and Downloads” section, this is also where you will find a full guide that will explain how to work with the application.

Some highlights and general information

The Service Page

Originally intended for the Voice Broker industry, it was adapted for general use in 2012 and subsequently available for download from the website.

Users simply type their username and password, and with that open the two necessary FIX sessions.

The Request Screen

The Request screen allows the user to retrieve information on the available Currency Pairs, the trading session and subsequently can subscribe to the Currency Pairs of their choice.

The Market Data Screen

The Market Data screen displays the subscribed currency pairs and shows the bid and offer price, next to the available liquidity and the time of last update.

Users wishing to trade,simply select the Currency Pair and proceed to the Trading Screen.

The Trading Screen

The Trading Screen allows users to set order type, and other parameters, price and lot size.

In the screenshot, you can see 2 Filled Trades listed and one Order still in the book waiting for the “Effective Time” to be reached.

Contact / Support

If you have any questions, feedback or need any support, please call us on +353 (1) 531 43 34 or mail us on or


As we regularly release new versions, please do check the “Documents and Downloads” section every so often. Alternatively, leave your contact details with us, and we’ll add you to the release notification mailing list.