The XCDE RTD Excel Plugin allows users to receive Market Data directly in Microsoft Excel, using the Real Time Data functionality. It allows for calculations to be performed using the latest up to date currency information, ideal for many organizations such as Currency Exchanges, back offices etc.

Operating requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and higher
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 and higher
  • Microsoft .NET framework 1.1

You can download the client after registering here in the “Documents and Downloads” section, this is also where you will find a full guide that will explain how to work with the application.

Some highlights and general information

Bandwidth friendly

The Relay Server included as part of this solution can act as a local Market Data server in turn, allowing many clients to be connected locally, with low bandwidth usage towards

Easily adoptable for any situation

The RTD functions available are easy to use, and users can quickly adopt their spreadsheets to see exactly what they want. BID or ASK, PRICE, SIZE, TIMESTAMP, NAME and ISTRADABLE are easily accessible functions.


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